Łazienna Foundation & Łazienna Gallery

The foundation was established in 2014, although the idea of creating it was conceived a year earlier, when its Founder, Stanisław Maciaszczyk, organized a vernissage of his own works, “Miniatures”, in the premises of Grupa Maciaszczyk.

The foundation is a cultural organization focused on art. It was created in order to support and promote Polish and international art, especially visual arts with graphic arts and painting among them. The projects launched by the foundation aim to support local artists and familiarize local art lovers with their work. We also welcome artists from other districts of Poland, or from abroad. We eagerly create projects and art events which take place in Greater Poland and contribute to integrating the art environments, both locally, and outside the region.

The Foundation Council is responsible for the programme and was created in January 2014. Among the members of the council are artists and art professors of The University of Arts in Poznań.

Łazienna Foundation is located in the premises of Grupa Maciaszczyk, a family company that comprises of Drukarnia Maciaszczyk, Agencja Reklamowa Maciaszczyk and Maciaszczyk Interaktywny, all to find at 4, Łazienna street, Poznań. It is also the address of Łazienna Gallery, which is the exhibition space necessary to fulfil the foundation charter.

Up till now the foundation has organized many interesting and original exhibitions as well as cultural events.

The Chairman
Stanisław Maciaszczyk graduated from the Poznań PWSSP. He received his interdisciplinary diploma from The Faculty of Painting, Graphic arts and Sculpture in 1976, supervised by professor Tadeusz Jankowski. As an artist he works mainly within painting, graphic arts and design. In 1989 he launched a printing house, and later an advertising agency (both existing until today within Grupa Maciaszczyk). In 2009 he returned to painting and opened an exhibition, which was called “Miniatures” and held in Łazienna Gallery, in 2014. Stanisław Maciaszczyk is the Chairman of Łazienna Foundation.

The Foundation Council
Hanna T. Głowacka
Professor Grzegorz Nowicki
Wojciech Gorączniak, PhD
Stanisław Maciaszczyk